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August 2017

4 young men & a lunch counter change the US in 1960

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Greensboro, NC; International Civil Rights Museum (Woolworth Lunch counter)

Museum devoted to civil and human rights. 4 young, black, male college students in 1960 decided to have a peaceful demonstration & try to order food from a lunch counter. After a few days, other college students in Greensboro, & elsewhere each took turns to sit quietly at counter to try to order. Only after a month of this, when Woolworth’s management saw the financial impact of lost business overall, did they relent and allow any race to order from the lunch counter. Also found out in the tour that the word colored, at that time, meant everyone who was not White and Protestant. Including black, Asian, Italian, Irish, etc. Very moving stories told by the Museum workers. The lunch counter was preserved as it was in 1960, same stools, counter, cash register. Highly recommend a trip to this museum..


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Wars in NC (Greensboro & Raleigh)

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Visited 2 important War sites in NC.

Guilford Courthouse National Military Park - Greensboro, NC (Revolutionary War)
On March 15, 1781. the largest battle of the Revolutionary War was fought at Guilford Courthouse.
An Army of 4,500 American militia was defeated by a smaller British Army of 1,900. led by Lord Charles Cornwallis. After 2 1/2 hours of fighting he forced field withdrawal. Greene's retreat preserved his army's strength, but Cornwallis's victory was won at the cost of over 25% of his army.
Hm. Won, the battle, but later lost the War, (Cornwallis)
IMG_5101.jpg - Picture of Denzil showing Dale his National Park's book and how to stamp it..

Bennett Place
- Raleigh, NC (Civil War)
Largest surrender of troops in the Civil War, 89,270 soldiers in NC; SC; GA; & FL.
The surrender spared NC destruction like bordering states. Equally important, the economy of NC & Durham's was boosted when troops in the area were introduced to "bright leaf" tobacco.


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Durham Tobacco District (re-use of abandonded buildings)

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Really neat, more cities should do this. Maybe, Rockford! ?

American Tobacco Historic District is a historic tobacco factory complex & historic district in Durham. The campus was the headquarters of American Tobacco Company, once the US’ largest cigarette manufacturer. The mostly abandoned campus was purchased in 2001, as part of plan to redevelop downtown Durham.


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Raleigh (Eno River; Duke Chapel & Gardens)

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Duke University is very pretty and prominent school in Raleigh, NC. We were lucky when we pulled up to take a picture the organ was playing. It was inspiring. We heard they permit weddings there also, that would be gorgeous. We visited the Duke Gardens which is a scenic spot as well. It was very hot and humid that day though, so just took a short walk. Took a short walk around Eno River as it had been flooded.

Duke University Chapel:

Duke University Gardens:

Eno River:

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Raleigh to visit Family

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We were able to spend some nice times with Denzil's sister Janet and her husband Dale during our trip out East.
We had a great time together visiting sites around the area and also just spending time with her.
That is a nice thing about traveling, we can spend more one on one time with each person with family so spread out throughout US.

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